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International Journal of Applied Economic Studies (ISSN:2345-5721)

Financial Market Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria: Evidence from VECM Approach

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Abstract There has been a series of intensive debate on whether financial market development has the potential to impact positively on long run economic growth of an economy. Thus, this study empirically examines the impact of financial market development on economic growth in Nigeria using annual time series data covering the period of 1981-2014. In […]

SWOT of Visual Arts (Case Study: Iran)

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Abstract The present research investigates the status of visual arts market in Iran whereby two questions are answered: 1- what are the strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats concerning visual arts economics? 2- what are the strategies for the qualitative and quantitative development of visual arts economics? In this paper, SWOT strategic analysis is […]

Government expenditure and Economic Growth in MENA Region

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Abstract This paper investigates the causal relationship between government expenditure and GDP for MENA region countries by using panel unit root tests and panel cointegration analysis for the period 1970-2010. The results show a strong causality from economic growth to government expenditure in these countries. However, government spending does not have any significant effects on […]

Analysis of the Relationship between Total Natural Resources Rent and Economic Growth: The Case of Iran and MENA Countries

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Abstract In this paper, we examines the relationship between economic growth and total natural resources rent for the Iran and MENA economies by the using annual date set over the period of 1970-2012. Many developing countries are heavily dependent on Primary products as their main source of export revenues. The natural resources, especially oil plays […]

Studying the Neutrality of Money: An Evidence of OPEC Member States

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Abstract The main fundamental issue in developing oil exporting countries is that there is a disagreement between monetary policy makers and producers. Producers claim that the contraction of monetary policies reduces the output. In contrary with this, policymakers claim that the problem is low efficiency of producers. This paper studies the neutrality of money in […]